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Glycolic acid (AHA) skin peel, 5% – 70%

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Glycolic acid skin peel, 5% – 70%

Glycolic acid (also known as AHA or alpha-hydroxy acid ) enhances a formation of new collagen, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It has small molecule size allowing it to penetrate the outer layer of skin, and slip beneath the epidermis to reach the collagen fibers below.  This may results in up to 25% thickening over 10-12 weeks.

Some other members of AHA/BHA family often used for skin treatment. Salicylic acid peels are best for oily skin and acne related problems, while glycolic and lactic are often used for treatment of age- and sun- spots, small wrinkles and for general skin rejuvenation procedure.

Glycolic acid skin peel (AHA ):

  • Dissolves Acne Plugs & Eliminates Acne Scars
  • Treats hyper-pigmentation, skin discolorations, sun/age/dark spots, rosacea and melasma
  • Repairs Blemished Skin, Blackheads, Comedones Brightens & lightens skin, evening out skin tones
  • Improves skin elasticity and the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and age spots
  • Stimulates natural collagen production Improves skin hydration, moisture, and texture
  • Exfoliates dull, dead surface skin for immediate clarity
  • Rejuvenates and smooths skin, promoting a younger and healthier complexion

How to use glycolic acid peel?

You may need to consult specialist and try several peel before you find which product is best for your skin type and conditions.

Our peels are 5-70% solutions of AHA in purified water.

Important Disclaimer

All our products are strong peels and we recommend that you use them under professional supervision only.  They may cause severe skin damage if applied or removed improperly or wrong concentration is chosen. Do NOT use in combination with retinol products or any exfoliating agents.


  • If you have not used any chemical peels before you should always start with less concentrated product.
  • For your very first treatment look for 5% or lower.
  • Procedure should not be performed more than once a week. 1-2 times a month is optimal for most people.
  • Always start with 1 min and if necessarily, you may increase exposure time up to 10 min.


  • Clean your skin as you normally do and pat dry.
  • Soak cotton pad in the solution and apply to your skin. We recommend using gloves or kitchen plastic film to protect your fingers.
  • Keep solution out of your eyes and avoid swallowing. Should any accident happen wash with baking soda solution immediately and call your doctor or 911 if burning or other symptoms remains.
  • You can apply several layers if necessarily. Avoid lips and eyelids.


  • Feeling tingling or burning sensation is normal.   You can use small fan to help with discomfort;
  • It is important not to exceed your time frame;
  • You can and should always remove peel before if you feel too much discomfort or burning.


  • Once your time is up thoroughly apply neutralizer or baking soda solution for 1 minute.
  • Splash your face with water and wipe with soft cloth.
  • Apply moisturizer. We recommend to use aloe-vera with hyaloronic acid post-peel neutralizer.


  • Within few days, top layers of your skin will be coming off. But don’t expect to see large pieces of skin falling down. This process is usually invisible as skin goes off cell by cell. You will only see new, healthier and smother skin appearing.
  • Redness, dryness or irritation is normal. Keep applying moisturizer.
  • It is important to avoid direct sunlight and to use sunscreen.
  • Avoid any additional skin exfoliating procedures
  • Do not use retinol containing products right before or after procedure unless recommended by your cosmetic professional and your skin is already adjusted to retinol


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