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Teletrogy Shoes Laundry Bag

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Brand: Teletrogy

  • [10000+ fluffy fibers inside]The product has 10000+ fluff fibers inside, each fiber is 3cm. This will help you to clean better, easier and faster. Even mesh fabrics sports shoes can be cleaned thoroughly.Please note that special cleaning detergent should be applied for stubborn stains.
  • [Fibers as buffers] The 10000+ fibers act as buffers to prevent your sneakers from banging against the drum during the wash. Stop fill the rest of the load with something like towels, pillow cases, blankets or old T-shirt anymore. We’ve got you covered(yes pun intended)
  • [Come with Two Pair Adjustable Shoe Trees] Put the adjustable shoe trees in the shoes before wash. They will keep your shoes stay in shape, provide crease free protection and enable your shoe surface to get maximum exposure to water,detergent and the fibers inside.Man ‘s Shoe Trees fit size 6.0 -11. Women’s Shoe Trees fit size 5.0 – 10.5.
  • [Save your time and Protect your laundry machine] Insert shoe trees, spray detergent, put shoes in laundry bag, start washing without worrying about the shoes getting too banged up and damage to the washing machine Mesh cloth at the bottom of these shoe laundry bags will filter the detritus which might damage your machine.
  • [After-sale guarantee] one-year warranty, 60-day money back guarantee. If there is any problem with our shoe cleaning set, please contact us first. We will reply you within 24 hours.

This shoe bag from teletrogy is the ideal way to wash your shoes in a washing machine. The product has 10,000+ fluff fibers inside, each fiber is 3 cm long, which increases the friction area. The shoes will be washed more cleanly. The soft polyester wear-resistant fabric protects the shoes effectively; the overall mesh closure structure filters out some large particles and protects the washing machine. You can also store your clothes easily while traveling or save space in a dormitory or small apartment! The shoe wash set includes a pair of adjustable shoe trees (helping to eliminate the indentation while maintaining the original shape)

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