Ahh-Some Hot Tub/Jetted Bath Plumbing & Jet Cleaner (2 Oz)

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Brand: Ahh-Some


  • Super Concentrated. This container equal over 8 (16 oz) liquid tub cleaners
  • Provides a Complete Colonoscopy for Hot Tub-Jetted Tub-Whirlpool Plumbing
  • Super Effective in eliminating White Water Mold and helps reduce sanitizer demand issues
  • Septic System safe! OK to dump onto grass, shrubs or gardens.
  • Enough gel to clean your jetted tub 16 times and up to 3 hot tub flushes

Details: Bio-Cleaner on Steroids. Clean the gunk and slime lurking within the plumbing infrastructure. Jets and waterfalls will regain pressure like it was new. Soak in a healthy and safe environment with our Nano Scrubbing molecules eliminating the bio-fouling.

UPC: 855482002017

EAN: 0855482002017

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