Anjou MCT Oil 16 oz

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Brand: Anjou


  • Coffee must have: Enjoy the neutral flavor and therapeutic properties of our MCT oil in your morning cup of Joe for its long lasting. Ideal for cold and warm dishes, as well as salad, and shakes and smoothies
  • Supports Energy and Mental Focus: Enjoy better endurance and enhanced performance with Anjou MCT oil – providing burst of sustained energy for your body and brain
  • Made in USA: Free of preservatives, additives and flavors, only derived from 100 natural organic coconuts. Anjou MCT oil have a high concentration of C8 and C10 bottled in a BPA free jar.
  • Healthy weight management: Easily digested by the liver and converts into energy, leaving no fat in your body, perfect for sports/exercises and get into shape faster
  • Energetic and positive memory: MCT fuels your brain. You stay sharp longer, experience less fatigue and have more power for your daily tasks by Anjou MCT oil

Details: Improve Sports Performance
MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) provides fast and sustained energy for your body thanks to its unique chemical structure that allows your liver to digest it easily. Consumption of MCT oil before exercises or workouts can supply a more efficient form of energy than burning body fat, you get improved stamina and performance in a 100% natural way.

Healthy Weight Management
Because Anjou MCT oil is processed by the liver and quickly absorbed by the body instead of stored as energy, you do not have to worry about gaining weight from MCT oil. Instead, it provides additional fuel for your body to complete your workout routine so you can burn even more fat and control your weight faster.

Energetic and Positive Brain
Even if you are not doing any exercise, MCT oil can positively help your metabolism and make you feel at your best. It is a rocket fuel for your brain, enable you to think clearly and stay sharp during your day.

Drink and Eat Healthy
Feel free to substitute cooking oil or any homemade dressing with Anjou MCT oil. It is easy to mix with all your favorite dishes, as well as coffee, beverages, salad and all kinds of shakes. Anjou MCT Oil is tasteless and odorless, so anyone with a sensitive palate can enjoy.

100% PURE
Anjou MCT Oil is made from Non-GMO coconut, contains the full spectrum of MCT oil including Lauric Acid. It is 100% pure with a high concentration of C8 and C10. No additive, no preservative are added.

UPC: 635414214233

EAN: 0635414214233

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