Essential Oil Roller Bottles, 24 Pack Amber Glass Roller Bottles 5 ml, Roller Balls for Essential Oils

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Brand: Easytle

Color: Amber


  • High Quality: The essential oil roller bottles are made of corrosion-resistant glass featuring thickness, smoothness and anti-shock and prevents essential oil from harmful UV rays to save it from quick volatilization.
  • Portability and Prevent Leakage: Comes with a pack of 24, 5ml roller balls for essential oils. The capacity allows you to store synthesis oil, natural essential oil, essence, perfume or other liquids of your needs for daily eyes care, faces and body. The packaging is perfect for traveling and it easily fits in your purse. The screw thread finish roller bottles for oils mouth is matched with a cap, which fits tightly and can effectively prevent any liquid leakage.
  • Stainless Steel Roller Balls: The well-made roller balls for essential oils are made of Stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant. The tightness can prevent any sort of leakage. With our essential oil opener, the battle can easily be disassembled and filled.

A refillable glass roller bottle will allow you to pre-dilute your oil blends so that they can be applied directly to the skin without messy drips or spills. This leak-proof, 5ml(1/6fl oz) roller bottles set with all the tools you need is convenient and economic. You can put it in your purse or suitcase to take it to wherever you want, and don’t need to worry about the leaking problem.

Size: 24pc Amber Color set

Set: 24pc * 5ml


Materials: Glass Bottle, Stainless Steel Roller Ball & Plastic Black Cap & Dropper & Funnel Size of Bottle: 2.1inch tall x 0.6inch diameter

How to use the Essential Oils Opener:

Step 1: Removing the orifice reducer insert: put the edge of the opener underneath the reducer and push down.Reducer would pop out.

Step 2: Closing the orifice reduce insert: Once the reducer pops out, please find the suitable hole in the center of the opener.Then place the right hole on the top of reducer and press down.

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