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FoodSaver 11″ x 16′ Vacuum Seal Roll Multi-Layer Sous Vide Cooking, 3-Pack

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Brand: FoodSaver

Color: Clear


  • Constructed of BPA-free multi-layer material, FoodSaver bags are safe for sous vide cooking and are designed to withstand boiling temperatures
  • Vacuum sealing your ingredients allows heat to better transmit to your food and ensures that packets stay submerged during the sous vide water bath
  • Multi-ply material locks in freshness, prevents freezer burn, and can go straight from the freezer to a sous vide bath with no separate defrosting required
  • Specially designed channels block oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal, keeping food fresh up to 5x longer than non-vacuum storage methods
  • Available in a variety of sizes, FoodSaver bags are freezer-, simmer-, and microwave-safe, making them a great option for preserving and preparing meats, seafood, vegetables, and more

Details: Made from the same material as FoodSaver vacuum seal bags, the FoodSaver 11″ x 16′ Vacuum Seal Roll lets you create custom-length bags so you can store anything from everyday items to leftovers. Constructed of BPA-free multi-ply material that blocks moisture and oxygen, these rolls protect their contents from freezer burn and spoilage up to 5x longer than non-vacuum storage methods. And because sealed bags are air-tight and durable, they prevent floating during the sous vide water bath for consistent and delicious cooking results.

UPC: 053891110662

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