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SmartWater Water, 1 liter, Pack of 15

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Brand: Europe Standard


  • Purity you can taste plus hydration you can feel
  • Vapor-distilled water and electrolytes for taste
  • 100% recyclable plastic bottle
  • 15 pack of 1 liter bottles
  • Zero calories

Details: Vapor distillation is a purification process that simulates the hydrologic cycle, the way water is purified in nature. The process separates, purifies and then “regroups” the water molecules. Heat is used to vaporize water which leaves behind contaminants and dissolved solids. The vapor is then cooled and the water condenses back to a purified state. Rehydrate yourself with SmartWater-purity you can taste.

UPC: 743272201088

EAN: 0743272201088

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