Marshmallow Root Powder 8 oz. (227g)


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Brand: ELANEN naturals

  • Organic Sourced, Non-GMO, BPA-Free: Our non-irradiated marshmallow powder is non-GMO and organic sourced from organically certified growers, and our resealable packaging is always BPA-free.
  • High in Insoluble Fiber: Our Eastern Europe sourced marshmallow root powder is high in insoluble fiber. This means it doesn’t dissolve completely in water and can be a little bit “gritty,” and excellent for supporting digestive health. Our whole marshmallow root powder has an excellent floral-like scent and flavor, differentiating it form the USA varieties which are more harsh and woodsy.
  • Contains Flavonoids & Ceramide Precursors: The traditional medicinal uses of marshmallow herb are reflected in its latin name Althaea, which comes from the Greek word althainein, meaning “to heal.” Dried organic marshmallow root powder is mild in flavor and slightly sweet.
  • Cleanly Sourced: Pale and smooth with a mild scent, our marshmallow root powder organic is sourced from Croatia or Bulgaria. Both sources are organic and identical in quality.
  • GMP Compliant & Quality Controlled: Our products are packaged in our FDA registered, GMP & HACCP compliant facility in Ventura County, California.

Marshmallow root (Althaea officinalis, sometimes misspelled althea officinalis or althea root) has played a role in both food and herbal medicine for centuries. The roots of the plant have long been harvested as a vegetable by the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. The traditional medicinal uses of marshmallow organic are reflected in its latin name Althaea, which comes from the Greek word althainein, meaning “to heal.” Marshmallow root organic contains flavonoids as well as low concentrations of ceramide precursors. In addition to mixing with water and consumed as a wellness drink, powdered marshmallow root herb may also be added directly to foods as a thickening agent or a flavoring.

While marshmallow tea has an excellent flavor on its own, marshmallow root and slippery elm are an excellent combination for supporting healthy mucous membranes due to the high mucilage content of both herbs.

No GMOs. No additives. No preservatives. No fillers. No artificial colors or flavors. Vegan.

Please note this is whole marshmallow root powder that hasn’t been altered in any way, and this is NOT marshmallow root *extract* powder. Our powdered marshmallow root contains natural insoluble fiber so does not dissolve completely in water, unlike marshmallow root extract powder.This is a whole herb and not an extract or “supplement,” like certain other products that may look similar at first glance.

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