MILLIARD Borax Powder, Multi-Purpose Cleaner 10 Lb

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Brand: Milliard


  • Made from anhydrous pure powdered sodium borate with no additives or preservatives.
  • Use as a cleansing booster with your laundry or dish detergent.
  • Borax can be used for a variety of things from rust remover to refrigerator deodorizer.
  • Non-perishable. Packaged in resealable bag to preserve freshness. Store away from light, heat or humidity for longest shelf life.

Details: Borax is the best household ingredient you’ve probably never heard of, and Milliard Borax Powder is just the thing to have around in your kitchen. In use for over a century, Borax is a natural salt compound that was discovered to have both the water-softening properties of soap and the deodorizing properties of baking powder. Today, it’s still often used as a water-soluble additive in many detergents and cleansers, but it also does so much more! Use it to remove rust and lime corrosion, as an insecticide, as a cat litter deodorizer, as an antifungal agent, a hide-curing and cleansing agent in taxidermy, as a metal-soldering flux, a pH buffer in swimming pools, and even as a sealant in leaky car radiators! Borax is the do-it-all compound that every home pantry should be equipped with, and Milliard Borax Powder contains no additives for purity and quality, so be sure to include it on your shopping list. All Milliard products are made from the highest quality ingredients and we are glad to make our consumers’ satisfaction our #1 goal.

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