NeoCell, Collagen + C Pomegranate 16 fl oz


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  • An essential dietary supplement that targets skin care concerns and supports skin and connective tissue function and structure throughout the body
  • Builds bone matrix; Collagen is the mechanical strength of bone; Corrects weak, broken, split, ridged and damaged nail beds; Thickens fine hair
  • Repairs connective tissues for improved elasticity; blood vessels to help improve circulation; and promotes wound healing and a clearer complexion

Collagen + c pomegranate liquid-16 Oz combining the antioxidant power of pomegranate and green tea, the healing properties of collagen+ctm and the absorption benefits of ionic minerals, the all-new liquid collagen+ctm provides the latest in total body health. Sweetened with agave cactus nectar along with the perfect blend of pomegranate, cranberry, and elderberry, liquid collagen+ctm provides a deliciously mouth-watering and natural collagen supplement. The word “collagen” is derived from kola, the Greek word for glue. It is the strong fiber that weaves throughout the body for strength and support to literally hold the body together like glue would. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body with about 14 or so known types. As we age, the body’s ability to make collagen protein and its different complexes slows down. The collagen type i & iii in liquid collagen+ctm helps to support collagen in tendons, ligaments, hair, skin, nails, and lean muscle for weight control.*Benefits:* Cardio health* menopausal symptom relief* anti-aging properties natural amino acid composition(represent average values, amount may vary)alanine 8.50%arginine 7.90%aspartic acid 5.70%cystine 0.08%glutamic acid 9.50%glycine 22.80%histidine 0.77%hydroxyproline 13.00%hydroxylysine 0.70%isoleucine 1.30%leucine 2.90%lysine 4.20%phenylalanine 2.00%proline 13.80%serine 3.30%threonine 1.90%tyrosine 0.40%valine 2.40%pomegranate’s ellagic acid and the green tea polyphenols (egcg) provide a strong combination of antioxidants. Ellagic acid is one of the strongest antioxidants in the market today. As a natural sweetener agave nectar provides a lower glycemic index (about 46, in contrast with 58 for honey), mostly made up of fructose (90% fructose, 10% glucose). The closer to or higher than 100 the glycemic index is of a product (100 being.

UPC: 016185128996

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