OfficePro Electric Pencil Sharpener


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Brand: OfficePro

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  • PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL HELICAL BLADE: This razor sharp blade is much more durable than standard pencil sharpener blades. Sharpen one pencil after another and get a uniform fine point every time. The OfficePro is the very best electric pencil sharpener for putting a perfect point on most pencils, including colored pencils with hard leads, golf pencils and drafting pencils.
  • EASY TO GRIP BODY WITH A SECURE SHAVINGS RESERVOIR: Featuring a vertical design with ergonomic features, OfficePro’s heavy-duty pencil sharpener is easy to hold as you sharpen your pencil or dump the shavings.
  • SUPER SAFE AUTO-STOP BLADE OPERATION: Sharpen with confidence! When the pencil is sharpened, the blade stops automatically. If the shavings tray is opened during sharpening, the blade stops instantly to protect fingers, large and small. OfficePro is proud to offer the very best pencil sharpener in the portable pencil sharpener category.
  • BATTERY OPERATED AND HIGHLY PORTABLE: Four AA batteries power this premium compact pencil sharpener. Slip it in your bag and take it everywhere. This battery-operated pencil sharpener is great for artists on the go who often need a colored pencil sharpener. This one can handle all but the softest of colored pencil leads.

Details: The OfficePro Electric Pencil Sharpener is one of the very best pencil sharpeners on the market. The premium stainless steel helical blade with auto-stop operation ensures a perfect point every time. With an OfficePro battery-operated pencil sharpener, you will never over sharpen again! It’s perfect for office, home and school use. The OfficePro Electric Pencil Sharpener offers superior safety features. If the shavings tray is opened during operation, the blades stop automatically. Auto stop sharpening ensures a consistent point while protecting little fingers. The Office Pro Electric Pencil Sharpener makes a great classroom pencil sharpener! Step away from that wall-mounted manual pencil sharpener. Don’t sit and twist a pencil endlessly in a clumsy and messy hand-held pencil sharpener. The OfficePro Electric Pencil sharpener has a slim ergonomic design that fits easily into any bag and eliminates the need for that vintage pencil sharpener. This battery pencil sharpener is always ready to deliver a consistent fine point while trapping all the shavings. When it comes time to empty the shavings, simply hold the OfficePro pencil sharpener inside a trash can and open the tray. Dump the reservoir and replace it. Your Office Pro Electric Pencil Sharpener is ready to sharpen more pencils.

UPC: 712038061266

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