Teenitor Slime Foam Balls, 0.1-0.18 Inch Assorted Colors, 2 Pack


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Brand: Teenitor


  • DECENT AMOUNT: You will receive a decent amount of foam beads, enough for making your slime crunchy.
  • PERFECT SIZE : The foam beads are a perfect size, 0.1-0.18 Inch, not too big and not too small.
  • ASSORTED COLORS: The foam colors don’t bleed into your slime making an ugly brown color
  • EASY STICKING TO SLIME : They don’t fall out of slime easily.

Can be used to stick to slime and make that crunchy noise. Colorful styrofoam balls DIY accessories for children adult Recyclable Styrofoam is the perfect base for all floral and craft projects Perfect for kids or adult craft, lightweight and buoyant, yet sturdy, bright color and difficult to crush Smooth foam, Less flaky and More Affordable than Styrofoam

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