Water Flosser 10 Pressure Electric Dental Flosser, 600 ml


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Brand: Fairywill

Color: FW-169


  • THE WATER FLOSSER CAN IMPROVE HEALTH OF TEETH AND GUMS. Powerful water jet pulse reach 1700 times per minutes, removes harmful bacteria deep between teeth and below gumline. This dental water flosser provides excellent water flossing performance to improve gum health and achieving good oral hygiene. Our dental water flosser can effectively clean the mouth of food residues and plaque, prevent tooth decay, gum bleeding, swelling and pain sensitivity due to oral diseases.
  • 10 LEVELS ADJUSTABLE WATER PRESSURE AND 4 CLASSIC JET TIP INCLUDED. This dental water flosser has 10 pressure settings to best suit your teeth and user experience and hygienically share it with your whole family. 4 classic jet tips with rings of different colors easily allows sharing with family.
  • 600ML LARGE WATER CAPACITY AND 3 MINUTES SMART TIMER. 600ML high-volume water capacity provides up to 90 seconds of continuous dental flossing, achieve a better oral hygiene in only one week of using our dental water flosser. Quiet design 3 minute intelligent timing for easy cleaning sessions. 360 degrees rotating Tip to reach hard to reach areas.
  • THIS FLOSSER HAS SPACE-SAVING DESIGN AND AND LEAK-PROOF DESIGN: Inside the tip storage space, a removable plastic slot is included, easy to take out and keep tips. Leak-Proof & Durable Design.
  • ONE-KEY OPERATION, the dental water flosser includes a Water On/Off switch on the handle, easy to control water flow. US imports of pressurized water hose, certified by FDA


You are on your way to better gum health and healthier smile with Fairywill Water Dental Flosser!

With the combination of water pressure and pulsation, the oral irrigator removes harmful bacteria deep between teeth and below gumline where brushing won’t reach.

Bring you Healthier gum and Brighter Teeth


Improve health of teeth and gums.

Removes harmful bacteria deep between teeth and below gumline.

Massage and stimulate gums effectively, accelerate blood circulation.

Maintain oral hygiene and a fresh mouth.


Powerful cleaning and 600ml large water capacity

10 Multiple pressure setting and 4 classic jet tip included

Water control on handle, one-key operation

360°rotating tip

Space-saving design

Global voltage(AC110V-240V)

Product Specification:

Input Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

Power Raring: 18W

Water Tank: 600mL

Water Jet Pulse: 1250-1700 times/min

Adjustable Pressure: 10 Rating

Product Size: 140*125*200mm

N.W. of Product: 0.75kg

Package Included:

1*Fairywill Oral Irrigator

4*Classic Tips

1*Instruction Manual

1*Year Warranty

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