WizKids Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms Starter Set


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Brand: WizKids


  • The perfect supplement for your D&D tabletop RPG
  • Contains 6 miniatures featuring the most iconic character classes and races pre-painted and ready for play
  • All-new paint designs and one new hero for your game



“Go on a grand adventure through the Forgotten Realms with this new set of starter miniatures for play with the legendary fantasy roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons. This D&D Icons of the Realms Starter Set features all new paint designs!

Featuring 5 returning characters from the previous version:

  • Gold Dwarf Cleric
  • Human ranger
  • Lightfoot Halfling rogue
  • Northlands fighter
  • Sun Elf wizard
  • and 1 new Hero for your game, Wood Elf Druid”

UPC: 089481188032

EAN: 0634482727782

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